Hey, I'm Jared.
I believe that there are healthier and more effective ways to build software.
I bring that belief to the teams I lead.
The software industry has a short memory and fails at persisting valuable ideas.
I refresh those ideas and teach them to others.
I have watched software systems and teams evolve beyond their original intents and goals.
I help teams navigate uncertainty.

I've spent most of my career building digital commerce systems using Ruby on Rails. I've built high-volume payment gateways, the software to power fulfilment chains, rich eCommerce storefronts, and everything in between. Along the way, I've helped software organizations scale, deliver faster and work more autonomously.

In my 12 years of building software professionally, I've watched this industry's short memory distort and obfuscate great ideas until they're no longer recognizable. From Agile to TDD to object-oriented design, the core ideas are lost, but the rituals remain. I aim to elevate the valuable ideas and techniques we've lost along the way.

This website chronicles what I've learned in building large applications, running software teams, managing and consulting on products, and helping the people around me make software gooder.


Service Objects

Service Objects are a popular software design pattern in the Ruby on Rails community. They are used to extract procedural logic away from models and controllers and into their own objects.

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