I'm Jared. I'm the founder of Super Good, a member of the Solidus core team, and not actually grumpy.

I'm trying to compile the tidbits of wisdom I've built in my 11 years in the software industry here on this website. My focus is on software development techniques, object-oriented design, Ruby (and Rails), and eCommerce.

I fell in love with programming when I was ten years old and spent my teens writing games in C and Python. I entered the industry in my early twenties and have been working in eCommerce ever since, primarily in consultant and agency roles. This has given me the chance to work with a ton of different sizes and types of organizations. I've built payment platforms, migrated huge stores between eCommerce systems, and designed algorithms that drive custom subscription systems.

I care more about the how of building software than about specific technologies and languages. My hope is that you'll learn something useful here that'll help you build better software.

I'm always eager to speak to new teams, so if you think I can help you, don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach me via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

—Jared Norman


I've have a lot of opinions. Sometimes I write them down. When I do, I publish them in a few different places. You can find my less formal writing in my newsletter, Not Actually Grumpy. You can find Solidus-related articles over on the Super Good blog. The rest you'll find below.