December 08, 2019

My 2020 Reading List

I've just updated my "want to read" list for 2020! Take a look.

At the beginning of 2019 I set out to read (or listen to) at least one book every month this year. It turned out that this was a poorly considered goal; I'd well exceeded that reading pace in 2018 and did so again in 2019. I don't have an exact count on the number of books I've finished this year, but I suspect it's around 30 (based on a quick glance at my Kindle/Audible libraries and bookshelf.)

This coming year I've committed to do more actual reading rather than listening to audiobooks. Of the books I finished last year, I'm sure no more than 5 were physical or kindle books. I normally listen to audiobooks while running, weightlifting, doing chores, and just relaxing, so it's relatively easy for me to work through a couple per month.

In 2020 I want to make better use of my reading time. I want to get more out of the books I read. To that end, my focus will be on continuing to make time for focused reading. I've already been doing a lot more this month due to the "digital declutter" I mentioned in my last post; the reduced screen time has so far created quick a lot of extra time and I've spent a solid amount of it buried in books.

What I'm Looking Forward To

I've reviewed my notebooks, my scribbled recommendations, and done some research of my own to compile a first draft of what I'd like to read in 2020. Here are a few titles I'm particularly looking forward to reading for the first time:

I've also found a number of books in my collection in need of a second (or third, or fourth) pass. Here's a few that stand out:

I'm sure it will grow and change over the course of the year, but you can find the full list of books on my Goodreads account along with what I'm reading now.

If you've got any book recommendations, please tweet at me!

an image showing the covers of the books currently on my reading list for 2020